Getting Started with Google Optimize™

Google OptimizeLearn A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization with Google Optimize™!

How effective is your current website A/B testing software?

When was the last time you ran multivariate analysis on your top landing pages?

If you answered, “I’m not sure”, then you might be missing key conversion rate optimization opportunities – and revenue.

Google Optimize™ could be a powerful tool to help solve our split testing woes. Free from Google, Google Optimize helps marketers like us find what works on our websites, landing pages, and digital properties. With easy to use AB testing and MVT, support for Taguchi method testing, and an interface that non-technical marketers can use, Optimize promises statistically valid, thorough, and easy A-B tests.

However, one of the greatest challenges posed by website optimization software is not how to test, but what to test. In this free webinar from SHIFT Communications, you’ll learn what to test according to the scientific method:

  • What key questions your stakeholders want answers to
  • How to define variables for testing
  • How to formulate a hypothesis
  • How to deploy your first A/B test
  • How to analyze the results Optimize gives you
  • What changes you should make based on the website test results

If A/B split testing and multivariate testing aren’t delivering more business impact and greater revenue, watch our training now!

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