Getting Started with Google Data Studio™

Google Data Studio

How much time do you spend struggling to visualize your marketing data and analytics?

Data visualization has traditionally been difficult. How many hours have we spent building reports, copying and pasting spreadsheets, making charts by hand? Save yourself time and money, while making data-driven business decisions to help grow your business with Google Data Studio™.

How does Google Data Studio™ work? Data Studio connects different data sources into one simple, easy to understand interface, then gives you the tools to make incredible reports and dashboards. Connect data from YouTube, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, plus your own databases and spreadsheets for one-stop data analysis, then build interactive, real-time dashboards with the same easy tools you use in Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

Register now to watch Getting Started with Google Data Studio™, a free half-hour on-demand tour of Data Studio. You’ll learn:

  • Why Data Studio is important
  • What Data Studio can do – and what it can’t
  • How to set up your first Data Studio dashboard
  • 6 ways to tell data stories with Data Studio
  • How to map your buyer’s journey with Data Studio and Google Analytics

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