From Data to Insights: Skills For the Future of Marketing

From Data to Insight Book CoverWe’re surrounded by data. We’ve got more data than ever before as marketers and communications professionals. We’re swimming in terabytes, petabytes, and exabytes of information, but we’re not using it as effectively as we could. When we measure, it feels like we’re measuring the wrong things – and then being held accountable to measurements we don’t fully understand.

In this eBook from SHIFT Communications VP of Marketing Technology Christopher Penn, learn why your marketing sometimes isn’t marketing, what data you should be measuring, and 3 key skills that will help you start to make sense of your data. You’ll understand the differences between data and analysis, between analysis and insight, and between insight and strategy. Most of all, you’ll come away with a comprehensive framework that makes your data work for you, rather than the opposite.

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