New eBook from SHIFT: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR

Predictive Analytics and The Future of PR
Predictive Analytics and The Future of PR

The purpose of public relations is to generate awareness and trust. We help connect our clients or company with the audiences who matter most to them including investors, activists, and customers.

However, the timeline public relations operates on is largely dictated by either internal operational mandates (“it’s end of quarter, we need more website traffic!”) or editorial calendars for publications. We don’t investigate the way our audiences, the public in public relations, behave often enough or time our efforts with what the audience wants most.

A lack of access to predictive software and good data explains why the PR industry operates this way. All that is changing now that the data floodgates have opened and predictive software has been democratized. Services like IBM Watson Analytics allow us to perform powerful statistics and analytics without having a statistician’s background.

The power to predict is neat in and of itself, but combined with great PR strategy and tactics, the power to predict makes our PR efforts a force to be reckoned with. Instead of guessing when to conduct our most aggressive PR campaigns, or scrambling to react to internal needs, predictive analytics enables PR professionals to bring real strategy to the table.

By downloading SHIFT’s “Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR,” you’ll learn:

– How predictive analytics applies to PR
– What data to use and where to find it
– How to avoid bad data and, thus, poor predictions
– How PR teams can use predictions to inform strategy
– How you can prepare for the future

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