How to Choose a MarTech Stack

How to Choose a MarTech StackHow to Choose a MarTech Stack

There were thousands of marketing technology companies at play in 2016. Selecting a cohesive handful from this massive selection is no easy feat—especially when all the vendor demos essentially promise the same thing: more money.

Marketers tend to leap straight to the tools and technology without giving due consideration to basic strategy or data-informed decisions. Jumping ahead to specific tools is like asking which cookware we should be using, when we haven’t even decided who’s cooking or what meal we’re serving. We must make our how-related choices once we’ve figured out why, what, and who is involved. In this eBook, we’ll dissect the marketing technology deployment strategy.

By downloading SHIFT’s ‘How to Choose a MarTech Stack,’ you’ll learn:

– How to properly plan a marketing technology stack rollout
– How to develop a sensible governance model
– How to examine what could go wrong
– How to succeed on the first try

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