2015 Masters of the New Marcom Event: Austin

Spend a full day with some of SHIFT’s senior leadership where you’ll take a journey through your marketing data, from raw data itself, to different models and methods of analysis and insights that tell you what to do next. We’ll equip you with strategic and tactical skills to understand the story that your data is trying to tell you – and what the next part of the story should be. We’ll also explore how to craft a strategy and tell a story – from the people you choose to speak for you to those you’re trying to reach – that will get your brand the attention it deserves.

The Agenda

Morning Session

The Role of the PR Agency in the 21st Century  |  Todd Defren, CEO

For the busy executive, it’s harder than ever to track the constant changes in the industry. And with more pressure being placed on executives for business performance metrics, they need forward-thinking partners that understand these challenges and that can guide them with agility and expertise.

  • The changing needs of journalists amid shrinking newsrooms, pressure for views and the sabre rattling of advertisers in publications (aka native advertising).
  • Communications and marketing: coexisting in an environment where budgets are fractured among proliferating channels – can the CCO and CMO find common ground?
  • More than ever, communications professionals are being held to account when it comes to performance. The importance of data to drive insights in business is coming to a head.

From Data to Insight  |  Christopher Penn, VP, Marketing Technologies

A journey through your marketing data. From raw data itself, through different models and methods of analysis, to insights that tell you what to do next, you’ll learn strategic and tactical skills to understand the story that your data is trying to tell you – and what the next part of the story should be. Using the DAIS model, we’ll look at the importance of:

  • Data: defining the properties of superior data
  • Analytics: using visuals, derivatives and moving averages to tell a story
  • Strategy: determining what’s next
  • The difference between tactics and strategy using the menu/cookbook analogy

We’ll conclude with a hands-on session in which attendees will have a chance for hands-on demos with data and spreadsheets to show how insights are derived.

Storytelling, Humanization and Strategy  |  Scott Monty, EVP, Strategy

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, businesses thrive on people dealing with people. And since man’s earliest days, we’ve conveyed thoughts and ideas by telling stories. By understanding some fundamental human truths, we’ll approach putting a cohesive strategy together for your business.

  • Storytelling: Every story has the same components: a hero, an obstacle, a mentor and a moral; and there is an arc – a beginning, a middle and an end. Using those elements, we’ll help frame communications and marketing efforts in storytelling.
  • Humanization: While the previous session dealt with the importance of crunching numbers, we find it’s equally as important to focus on the people in your story. Whether it’s your spokesperson, a subject matter expert or your CEO, the fact is that people trust people like themselves. We’ll use examples of employees that are making a difference, showing how authenticity, trust and engagement make a difference, and how to support the most important assets you have.
  • Strategy: We’ll wrap up by covering the basics behind a good strategy and strategic thinking, including defining what a good communications strategy isn’t.


Afternoon Session

Brainstorm  |  Todd, Scott and Chris

The day will conclude with real-time brainstorming, as you present your business challenges to the executive team at SHIFT who will listen, analyze and give recommendations on strategies and tactics to address your issues. We’ll also leverage the expertise and input of your fellow attendees. It’s the equivalent of having a couple of dozen consultants in the room!


Interested? We’re limiting attendance to 20 ticket seats in order to make this as personal and productive as possible for everyone! Want to get these one on one time with Todd, Scott and Chris about your burning public relations, strategy, data and marketing/technology questions? Get your ticket below!

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