Media Relations

Media relations is one of those areas where perception and reality often collide. The perception of media relations is that you knock out a press release, ship it to every journalist in your space, and bask in the coverage. The reality is somewhat less pleasant:

How often do you read press releases that are sent to you by agencies, companies, or PR professionals?

43% of paid professional bloggers and journalists never even read the releases they’re sent. How do you get around this gigantic obstacle to earning coverage? The secret is in the second half of the phrase: relations.

SHIFT media relations teams have cultivated professional relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and publishers over the years. When we call or email on behalf of a client, our inquiries get answered more often than not because we don’t spam every journalist in your space. Instead, we get to know them so we know what stories they are or aren’t interested in covering, then match up your news with their publishing needs to earn home runs that benefit you and the media.

SHIFT’s media relations capabilities include:

  • Identifying target media and bloggers
  • Creative, thought-provoking proactive storyline development
  • Media training
  • Aggressive news pitching
  • Rapid reaction news pitching
  • Scheduling and facilitating media interviews
  • Executive, company and product press tours
  • Scheduling on-the-floor tradeshow briefings with journalists
  • Coordinating launch events for the media
  • Media coverage scanning and measurement
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