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The healthcare industry is amidst a time of massive change, in which patient-centered, personalized care is striving to take form. Healthcare organizations feel the pressure; the need to remain competitive and relevant is stronger than ever.

These healthcare organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to emerging leaders, face the same marketing and communications dilemmas as other industries: how do I tell the right story to the right audience at the right time? Whether your company produces consumer wearables, drives patient involvement in a clinical trial, or sells data analytics solutions to hospitals and health systems, the right audience, time, and platform challenge remains.

As an agency within an international firm, SHIFT’s team is part of a healthcare practice comprised of over 130 in-house healthcare experts, of which over 35 are on-staff PhD/MD medical writers and editors. Our vast network of resources spans five countries and services the entire breadth of companies within the healthcare industry: general healthcare services, consumer health, clinical trials, medical communications, digital health, health IT, pharma, biotech, providers, and non-profit. The array of integrated services we provide healthcare clients ensures that we can turn any communication challenge into a business opportunity.

SHIFT Perspectives on Healthcare Public Relations

Sermo Healthcare Public Relations Case Study

SERMO Case Study in Healthcare Public Relations

SERMO, the largest US social network for doctors, realized that startups like Doximity were not only catching up in media coverage and share of voice, but were beginning to gain a competitive advantage. With plans to expand its platform to doctors in the UK, Australia, South America and beyond, SERMO needed to act quickly to solidify their key differentiators among competitors.

SERMO brought SHIFT on board to make their platform the “go-to” destination for doctors to connect and converse with their peers, to crowdsource difficult medical cases, and to express their true opinions on the industry and profession.

SHIFT devised a three-pronged PR strategy around the uniqueness of the SERMO platform to promote their global launch. First, the team built a strong news pipeline leveraging the “SERMO Asks” feature to poll doctors on their reaction to breaking medical news and key industry issues. Next, SHIFT offered top tier and trade reporters at Forbes, Fast Company, and Medical Practice Insider, amongst others, a chance to pose an exclusive question via SERMO Asks for custom stories. Lastly, the team identified interesting cases of medical crowdsourcing in which doctors quickly solved tough cases through the SERMO platform.

The results catapulted the SERMO brand back into the market leadership position:

  • 350+ media hits in nine months, which resulted in more than 360 million impressions
  • Coverage of our Measles Poll in the Associated Press earned a total of 408 million impressions over two weeks through syndication to more than 170 outlets across the country including The New York Times, CNBC, ABC News, Huffington Post, Yahoo! News and U.S. News & World Report
  • The polls increased new website visitors by 52%:a 22% year over year increase

MedeAnalytics Case Study in Healthcare Public Relations

The massive trend, and competitive arena, of big data in healthcare makes it exceptionally difficult for companies to establish themselves as an authority on the topic. MedeAnalytics has solved many big data issues for payers and providers alike. The company enlisted SHIFT to highlight their track record of success through a strong, customer thought leadership program.

SHIFT developed deep relationships with MedeAnalytics customers to secure exposure for them in key thought leadership areas such as value-based care, population health, revenue lifecycle management, and enterprise analytics. This effort not only lifted the MedeAnalytics earned media program, but also put a face and name to the value of the company’s full portfolio of technologies.

Through this program, customers willingly took the stage at six key industry events including HIMSS, AHIP, and HFMA ANI. The case studies that SHIFT created from MedeAnalytics customer interactions resulted in over 53 pieces of coverage and 116 million impressions over the course of the year. Placements included Becker’s Hospital Review, Health Data Management, Healthcare Finance News, Healthcare IT News, HIStalk, and POLITICO amongst others. The content generated from these conversations also fueled the MedeAnalytics blog program; customer related posts drew over 1,350 unique visitor sessions alone.

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