Reconstructing Rethink Robotics

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Our goal from the moment we took on Rethink Robotics was transforming them from a “stealthy start up” to “game changer.” Rethink Robotics was on a mission to inform all manufacturers, regardless of size or technology experience, that they too could benefit from industrial robots—the company just needed a little help getting their message heard.

Our first step was leveraging founder Rodney Brooks “rockstar” reputation in robotics to add to the company’s credibility. We then gave high profile outlets an advance look, under strict embargo, as well as wrangling sneak-peek articles in the WSJ and The New York Times.

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SHIFT Communications PR image

There was no predicting the phenomenal response we received. The hype created via SHIFT’s program resulted in Rethink Robotics being the third most Googled news item on launch day, with over 187 million media impressions on the first day alone. We also secured six broadcast and radio spots in one week, including CNBC and NPR.

You won’t find results like that on an assembly line.

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