Lights, Camera, Action…Traction!

While our work with The Home Depot covered a lot more ground, this particular project was the most fun. In launching the new Martha Stewart brand of stain-resistant carpets, we wanted to use video in creative ways to engage with audiences. But the edict was handed down: “sorry, no Martha.” We had to do this on our own.

We decided to show, not just tell: we invited 20 kids to a Home Depot store in Atlanta, presumably for one of those kid-friendly workshops. “Will we make a birdhouse?” they asked. No, kids. Let’s have some real fun! We unleashed all 20 kids on a giant carpeted arena, staging an in-store food fight to showcase the stain-resistant qualities of the carpet line.

The resulting video was featured on The Home Depot’s home page and was viewed by thousands of fans across Facebook & Twitter.

The video also accompanied dozens of “staining kits” that SHIFT distributed to top Mombloggers. Our message? “Here’s some spaghetti sauce and jam and chocolate, along with a carpet sample. Grab the kids and a camcorder, and have some fun!”

And yes – fun was had by all.

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