H&R Block’s 2012 Election Infographic

One of the central tenets of a SHIFT program is to move quickly to exploit external events. Particularly in the social sphere, every meme might be an opportunity. That’s the essence of real-time marketing. So when the 2012 presidential election results came in, our H&R Block team was ready with an infographic about how President Obama’s victory might impact tax policy.

SHIFT Communications PR image
In our quest for speed, the first placement for the infographic was on H&R Block’s own BlockTalk blog, in a post we syndicated to mainstream media sites like CNN.com, USAToday.com, etc. But we also performed traditional media outreach and got a great hit for the same piece of content at BusinessInsider, a highly popular business news site. With that coverage in hand we again turned to paid syndication to ensure maximum breadth.

Our efforts for H&R Block’s infographic paid off big time. Over 17M total impressions led to 58,500 clickthroughs (a Click-Through Rate of 46 percent!), and 2,600 Facebook shares.

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