Content Marketing for Winners

For consumers, taxes are both dreaded and boring – but they only need to think about it once a year. Well, to them that’s a good thing. But for brands playing in this space, they struggle with remaining relevant past that dreaded April 15th deadline.

In January 2012, the Block Talk blog was re-launched and introduced to the online world as the new destination for personal finance. Our remit includes introducing content from emerging financial writers via the blog, as well as working with H&R Block to develop and market infographics that tell a unique personal finance or tax story with pictures, tying it all into key moments in time that invoke online conversation.  As one example, SHIFT’s Creative Services team created the following graphics for the Block Talk post The Strange Tax Deduction Hall of Fame.


SHIFT Communications PR imageSHIFT Communications PR image
SHIFT Communications PR imageSHIFT Communications PR imageSHIFT Communications PR image

In addition, we often suggest and help develop short, easy-to-understand guides and tips posts that provide relevant tax/personal finance information to readers in a way that’s simple and easy to digest.

In its first month (January 2012), Block Talk’s readership grew over 665%, and the content generated over 415.3 million impressions. Yes, we said “in the first month.”

And it doesn’t end there. Because we’re determined to make taxes a 365-day conversation, H&R Block has experienced many months in 2012 where it enjoyed 90% dominance in Share of Voice, against competitors like Intuit’s TurboTax. Yes, we said “90% Share of Voice.”

How’s that for boring?

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