Building Major Consumer Brands

SHIFT Communications PR image

When we took on the Yelp account, they were a “hot Silicon Valley startup” with little national recognition or traction. They had 500,000 reviews total. Our task was to move the consumer review site from its Bay Area footprint to “national brand.”

SHIFT created a burst of grassroots local coverage across key metros and promoted that local coverage plus subsequent region-by-region user growth to the mainstream media, pressing on the “emerging national leader” message. Within 6 months, the number of reviews had doubled, and we leverage Yelp’s 1-million review milestone as a hook to tell broader story, aligned with Yelp’s “power from consumers” brand message.

In the end we increased national coverage by 40% and the 100% growth in reviews escalated exponentially as the message caught hold.

We probably should’ve asked to be paid in stock options!

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