Leah Ciappenelli

HR Director

The accidental HR professional is often uttered when one asks Leah Ciappenelli, why HR? However, 14 years later, it’s hard for her to imagine a career other than HR. Leah draws on more than a decade of senior executive experience in the HR realm. Her eclectic background includes conceptualizing, developing and implementing policies that make sense, best practices and programs that fortify the SHIFT culture and promoting an environment of performance that is the byproduct of engagement, inspiration and innovation. She is committed to the talented professionals that make up this agency. In her role, she serves as a guardian of the culture, facilitates complex employee issues, and continuously strives to build a people strategy that acknowledges all phases of the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition and beyond.

Motto: Hold Fast. Stormy clouds always give way to sun and calm seas.

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