Earned Media Hub PR Strategy


We help you find, build, and convert the audiences you need to power your business. That’s the essence of the SHIFT Earned Media Hub PR Strategy. We begin with powerful research tools that help us identify the right audiences for you to be in front of, the right messages they’re most receptive to, and the media outlets (old and new) that address those audiences. With your input, we design and build the creative content that those audiences expect and want, pair it with powerful messaging that distills the essence of your brand, and then use our relationships with the media to get stories placed appropriately.

That’s where most agencies stop. You get the hits, and that’s that. However, our experience is that the media doesn’t stop there. Once you get a hit, we give it legs. We work with even more audiences to amplify the hit with paid media, help you distribute and republish it on your branded, owned media, and create virtuous circles that showcase the trust you’ve earned. We make sure the credibility and messaging of that earned media “soaks in” to have a long-term impact on how people think about our client brands.

SHIFT doesn’t stop there. We then make use of our full suite of marketing technologies to analyze the audiences who have come to your door to see what they do. Did they convert? Did your business grow? We then help you fine-tune your marketing and sales strategies to leverage the earned media, from simple basics like ensuring sales staff use earned media in their pitches to complex projects like revising your marketing automation systems to incorporate all of the media you have for maximum business impact.

It’s harder than ever to break through. Being credible sets the stage for being incredible. Let SHIFT help you make the most of your earned media efforts.

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