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Shifter 140 characters or less

One of the most popular columns in our monthly internal newsletter The Mullet (Business up front, friends…) is 140 Characters or Less. Think of it as a modern social-media take on the class Bernard Pivot questionnaire, where we get to know the people behind SHIFT. In this installment, we catch up with SHIFT SF Account Executive Julie Middleton, who gives us her take on these 7 questions:

What are your favorite things about the #SHIFTSF life?
The culture – it’s fun, smart and creative. I also like that we’re always trying out new things with our culture hacks.

Who’s your dream client? Why would you love to work with them?
Pinterest – I love to be crafty and have been an avid pinner since I first requested the invitation. I like that it enables creativity in others.

What are your daily must-reads?
TheSkimm, Fortune Data Sheet & BuzzFeed. I also browse Twitter for breaking news.

Who are you biggest personal and professional role models?
My mom (she’s the hardest worker I know), my dad (he’s my foundation), and my sister Angela (she always follows her dreams).

How do you unwind after a long workweek?
With wine or an IPA, date nights and family dinners, playing with my dog, painting, pinning, watching Netflix… the list goes on!

What are 3 items on your #bucketlist?
Seeing all eight wonders of the world, spending a year in England and owning a business that lets me be crafty.

We’ve now been in the new SF office for over 90 days, thoughts?
I love it! It’s really open and provides a more collaborative environment. I also like all the extra sitting areas.

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