“The benefits SHIFT offers are always expanding, fueling the company’s desire to cultivate an environment where team cohesion, life balance and fertile ground for innovation and exploration are considered the norm, not a perk.” – PR News

Todd Defren and Jim Joyal launched SHIFT Communications back in 2003 upon acquiring a 30-person business-to-business public relations firm with about $3 million in revenues. Today, SHIFT employs over 100 people, and brings in upwards of $15 million in revenue. If you work here, you can expect to work on some of the best brands in the world, alongside some of the nicest, smartest weirdos you’ll ever meet.

Making SHIFT a fun place to work is integral to the company’s success. We can be counted on to go out of our way for our employees. Here are some of the things you can expect:



We are an employee-owned agency…that means every employee will receive a piece of the company. Did ya catch that? Join our team and you too will be an owner at SHIFT. Welcome to the party.

Cultural Committee


Team-building activities should not cater to upper management interests. At SHIFT, a group of junior level employees work together to come up with three fun events per month.

Cultural Reimbursement


SHIFT encourages participation in cultural activities by gifting each employee $250 per year for events like Broadway shows, sporting events and opera performances.

Ejector Seat Fridays


On a few Fridays throughout the year, the management staff chooses an employee at random and sends them home, no strings attached.

Three’s Company Lunch


At a 100-person shop, there are a lot of folks who don’t get to know each other. So once a month three names are pulled from a hat and they all go out for lunch on SHIFT’s dime.

Rockstar Kudos


Everyone loves a gold star for a job well done. Exemplary employees are recognized during weekly staff meetings and become eligible for a monthly grand prize drawing.

The SHIFT Mullet


SHIFT puts out a monthly, digital newsletter to keep employees aware of things going on across all three offices, incorporating all aspects of the business in the front, and the party in the back.

Volunteer Time Off


Ever wish you had a spare day to help at homeless shelter, nail in a few shingles for Habitat for Humanity? We encourage SHIFTers to give back to their community through offering 8 hours of volunteer time to pitch in. We also set up a committee to help come together around an issue. Currently, our issue is education, so you can find us holding book drives for local schools and more.

Professional Development

The training and development of our employees truly matters. Through a variety of programs, we work hard to cultivate an environment rich with learning and growth.

Employee Referral Bonus


We recognize that SHIFters are the best recruiters for helping fill our open positions. So, a direct referral from you to SHIFT which results in a new hire will net you a super-duper bonus!

Office Exchange


Have an old friend that you want to visit in Boston, SF or NYC? If employees have travel plans our office locations, SHIFTers can make arrangements to work out of the local office for the duration of their visit and not take the vacation time hit.

Get Up/Get Moving Club


Stay healthy. Stay fit. Join the office walking group. Take part in the daily AGENCY-wide stretch. Stillness breeds aches and pains. Healthy heads and healthy hearts matter.

Balance in Life

At SHIFT we recognize people are multi-faceted with a variety of interests and responsibilities. Kid has a soccer game? Get going! Or whatever life things come up, we are flexible and we value balance for all employees.
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