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The Value of Knowing Your Audience

We’ve talked a fair amount on this blog about social tools, the role of PR and marketing in lead generation and the changing landscape of analytics. One thing that can get lost in the rush to the latest tool or trend conversation is a fundamental tenant: the value of truly knowing your audience. By that…

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Public Speaking Tips for PR Pros

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of a crowded room, palms sweaty, mouth dry, dreading what’s to come with all our being. Three out of every four people have a fear of public speaking. You could almost say being nervous before a presentation is the “normal” reaction in today’s judgmental world. But it doesn’t…

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What to Know Before Starting a Job in PR

You’ve nailed the interview and accepted that shiny new job in public relations, now what? Working at a new agency can be unnerving and taking a step in a new direction after college can be a challenge, but we think you’re up for it. Here are some tips that have helped me in my first…

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5 Things I Look for When Hiring in Marketing

Fresh out of college and looking for your first position in marketing (or maybe a public relations position)? You may be surprised that hiring managers are looking for different things than you’d expect or learned in school. Even veteran marketers are being asked to do more with analytics, creativity, and strategy. Having a good track…

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New SHIFT eBook: How Social Media Broke PR (and how to fix it)

In the past, PR and marketing had a clearly defined, specific process to generate attention: work with media gatekeepers and get clients the “hits”. We hit our Rolodexes, sent in bylined articles, maybe even worked with the ad department for some newspaper ads and TV/radio spots. If we were lucky, the gatekeepers would allow us…

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Mailbag: Best Free PR Tools

We received the following very spammy blog comment: While this was very clearly a spambot trying to advertise and build links for a home decor company, it’s not a terribly bad question (even if the grammar is). What are the best free PR tools? Here’s our short list of recommended tools. Done well, public relations…

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