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8 Insider Secrets for Meeting with a Senior Executive

The older I get, the more I care about the next generation of PR pros and their career development. This may stem from having teenage children; I worry about their preparation for life, their careers, and their happiness. Thus, I happily offer college students and new graduates some hard-won wisdom whenever they ask. Here’s what…

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shultz hour

The Shultz Hour

In April, David Leonhardt at the New York Times wrote a column about the need to take a Shultz hour. For those unfamiliar, it comes from George Shultz, who was the Secretary of State under President Reagan. The concept is to carve out one hour a week to sit undisturbed with a pen and paper…

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Media Training

B2B Media Training: 5 Attributes that Make it Essential

Conducting media interviews remains a cornerstone activity for every enterprise communications program. While the best spokespeople make these exchanges look effortless, it takes considerable investments in strategy, messaging and – above all – preparation. Here are five reasons why media training is so important: 1. Align the Company’s Message Media training forces spokespeople to align…

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Google Analytics DEmo Account

Why PR Pros Need The New Google Analytics™ Demo Account

Recently, Google announced a seemingly minor feature: any Google user could access a new Google Analytics™ Demo Account. The new Google Analytics Demo Account contains live, real information from Google’s eCommerce merchandise store. The marketing and PR industry responded with a collective yawn. From our perspective as a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner, every marketing and…

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PR and the Marketing Technology Skills Gap

Keeping pace with the rate of change in marketing technology has become a full time job.  Heck, just keeping up with the news is a challenge, never mind closing the gap on technological skill sets you need to execute effectively. Consider just the last month or so: Facebook dropping a bucket of APIs on the…

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Photo by Roger H. Goun

Can I Quote You on That? Three Interviewing Blunders to Avoid

In my last post, I shared three ways to bungle your product launch and touched briefly on preparing your executives for media interviews. Let’s dig into this a bit more. First, why is media training so important? Because this is a chance to speak to a wider audience and therefore, any missteps can be magnified.…

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Five Time Management Tips from an Ex-Barista

For five years while in college, I worked nights and weekends at a local cafe. Not only was I a barista, but also a baker, janitor, team lead, sandwich artist, business adviser and customer service guru. The skills I gained from years of multi-tasking in a fast paced environment prepared me for the jump into…

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Don’t Surrender to Stress: Tips to Better Manage Time

One of my favorite phrases in this industry will always be, say it with me, “it’s PR not ER.” Although valid, as professionals we still feel the stress of a fast-paced office environment and daily routine, with the constant pressure to be nearly flawless, quick, on our toes and effortlessly creative. The bottom line is,…

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Travel Tips for Marketers and Communicators

Marketers and PR professionals are on the road quite a bit. Customers ask for onsite meetings. Conferences demand speakers. Unless you’ve got the luxury of dealing with only local customers, chances are good you’ll be hopping a few time zones for work’s sake. Business travel done wrong has far-reaching negative impact. You work less efficiently. Your work quality declines. Your health takes a hit. You may even make mistakes so severe that you lose a customer. Done right, business travel advances relationships. Your customers are happy for the face time. You might even have the good fortune to build new customer relationships…

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From PR to Marketing: Why You Should Expand Your Skill Set

It’s hard to miss all the articles and blog posts about how the PR industry is changing, how it’s integrating with new skill sets. Data! Analytics! Graphic design! [Insert buzzword here]! It can get a little crowded and difficult to decipher what is buzz and what you should actually be focusing on learning. Today, I…

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