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3 Tips for Becoming a Digitally Fluent PR Pro

Digital disruption has become a cliché. The realization that every industry must digitize in some way has sunk in, but now the question is: where do we stop? While some tools may be pertinent to your field as a digitally fluent PR pro, others can take more time than it’s worth to learn. For example,…

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PR Pros: Get our new mobile app, ZiPR!

Do you work with an executive who is prone to going off message? Have you ever been in a situation where an executive was guaranteed to cause a PR disaster and you just had no way to prevent it? SHIFT Communications is here to save your sanity with our newest mobile app, ZiPR. ZiPR is…

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The Push/Pull of Branding vs. Lead Generation for PR Paid Strategy

The evolution of the variety of ways a client leverages a PR agency has certainly accelerated in the past few years.  The jump from pure messaging/editorial pitch centers of excellence to a combination of “hits +social” councilors has already solidified both on the B2C and B2B side.  However, as you can see in our earned…

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Our Public Relations Toolbox

Another day, another tool or app is introduced in the name of productivity and making lives easier. Sometimes we find a gem and sometimes we grasp at a shiny new app only to find out the old one does it better. When it comes to public relations, what’s truly useful out there? We asked SHIFTers…

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6 Ways to Use Twitter Tailored Audiences for PR and Marketing

When Twitter launched its Tailored Audiences in December, it allowed advertisers to reach audiences that were already visitors of their website using cookies to tie to Twitter IDs. Now, Twitter has expanded Tailored Audience capabilities to include targeting of existing email databases and influencers identified by Twitter ID. Rather than walking you through the how…

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Mailbag: Best Free PR Tools

We received the following very spammy blog comment: While this was very clearly a spambot trying to advertise and build links for a home decor company, it’s not a terribly bad question (even if the grammar is). What are the best free PR tools? Here’s our short list of recommended tools. Done well, public relations…

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