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Why Bing matters more than you think for SEO

Bing. When you say the name, it elicits chuckles and occasional sneers from digital marketers, but the Microsoft search engine might matter more than you think. Here’s why: not only is it going to power search results for Siri in iOS 7, it currently powers search results for Facebook today – and that’s where you…

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How to blog in 5 minutes a day

One of the most common things I hear about content creation for the purposes of marketing and PR is that there’s no time to create content. No time to blog, no time to create, no time to get things done. Here’s a simple, foolproof method for blogging that you can do every day if you…

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3 email delivery protocols to help pitches get delivered

One of the things I’m most surprised at as a former email marketing industry professional is how few organizations have taken the time to do the basic setup steps needed for maximum email deliverability. Forget, for a moment, about clever creative, list growth, great pitches, and advanced strategy. So many organizations don’t have their basic…

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Twenty-Teens Spark SHIFT Nostalgia

Happy Friday! January is almost coming to a close (time flies!) and as we ease into the ‘twenty-teen’ years, we got thinking, well about our teen years. We got even more nostalgic when we saw the new Internet Explorer ad that harkens back to the 90s, so we asked a bunch of SHIFTers to share…

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