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Social Media in Healthcare

Social Media in Healthcare: Why Instagram is its Best Kept Secret

Instagram, the lesser known tool behind social media in healthcare and widespread photo sharing social platform, has an average of 500 million monthly active users and growing. The applications of this platform are endless, but it’s proving to be a fruitful podium for the healthcare industry.  Whether Instagram is providing future medical students the opportunity to follow…

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Social Media Crisis

Developing Your Social Media Crisis Radar, Part 2

Did you catch the first installment of this series? If not, start your Crisis Radar journey with Part One. Who is the average user on your brand’s social? What is their most common age? Times of peak social media use? Favorite memes? Dimple size? Chances are, you have answers to these questions. Some of them,…

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social media crisis communications

Developing your Social Media Crisis Radar, Part 1

An angry tweet directed at your brand. An unflattering photo of a broken product or promise on social media. Demanding DMs in your inbox. Ah, the dance of the angry customer. Any seasoned social media pro knows them well. They also know that with a touch of sensitivity and maybe a coupon code, they can…

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State of Social

State of Social Q3 2016: Facebook Hits 1 Billion Mobile-Only Users

The largest social network in the world – and to some people, the entire Internet – released its Q3 2016 earnings. How is Facebook faring, given the lackluster performance of LinkedIn and the troubles at Twitter? User Growth Facebook’s overall growth advanced above 4% quarter-over-quarter in Q3, which is faster than it’s been since 2013.…

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State of Social Twitter

State of Social Q3 2016: Twitter’s Fight to Survive

The beleaguered 140 character social network released its Q3 2016 earnings. How did everyone’s favorite microblogging social network fare? After all, it was a rough quarter for Twitter, putting itself up for bid and gathering no takers. Let’s check the numbers. Audience Growth Twitter’s audience growth remains anemic, adding 4 million new users and essentially…

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State of Social

State of Social Q3 2016: LinkedIn Flattens Out

While LinkedIn has technically been purchased by Microsoft, the transaction has not closed yet. Thus, for at least this quarter, we have updated numbers about the company’s social network. We do not expect discrete data to be released by Microsoft in its earnings reports, but they may pleasantly surprise us. Let’s see how LinkedIn fared…

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Social Stories

The Storyless Story: Why the Frames of Social Stories Aren’t the Only Disappearing Element

Not every story begins with “once upon a time,” or ends with a “happily ever after,” however it would be quite a challenging feat to find someone who doesn’t recognize these two phrases. In fact, these two iconic taglines aren’t necessary to bookend any story at all. Yet, social stories do require the two respective…

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B2B Brand Engagement

Three Tips for Boosting B2B Brand Engagement on Twitter

Leveraging social media is a key component of any PR strategy and for B2B brands specifically, Twitter is one of the most commonly used channels. In fact, 87 percent of B2B marketers use Twitter to distribute content.  Twitter can help you better reach customers and prospects, engage employees, share company news, promote upcoming events and…

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The Sorry State of Social Media Engagement

Engagement is everything in social media marketing. Without engagement, algorithms won’t favor our content, and audiences won’t take actions to become customers. Thus, we would expect the biggest, best, most well-known brands in the world to expend serious effort and resources on building engagement. How much engagement, as a percentage, would you guess the top…

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