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Social Media Quiz – The Answers

Earlier this week we created and shared a quiz to help you test your knowledge of all things social media. If you haven’t taken the quiz, go do it! We’ll wait… Well, how’d you do? Let’s jump into the answers.   1. Which of the following is not a reaction you can give to a…

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So You’re A Social Media Guru, Right?

A celeb gave you a shoutout on Twitter. Your Instagram pictures hit triple-digit likes. Your Snapchat game is on point, not to mention your Facebook Live skills. Sound familiar? We see quite a few people promote themselves as a ‘social media guru’ or ‘social media master’ across their – wait for it – social media…

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Twitter tips

Twitter Tips: Crafting The Right Tweet

Ever get here and just totally draw a blank? …or do you get here, draft and send a tweet you think is absolutely stellar, then don’t see the results you were expecting? If you said ‘yes’ to either of these questions, or unfortunately both of them, today is your lucky day, friend. Long copy or short copy?…

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state of social media snapchat

State of Social Q1 2017: Snapchat Reveals Little, Saturated Already?

Snapchat, the shiniest new object in social media (at least as far as publicly-traded companies go), held its first earnings call since its initial public offering (IPO). User Growth Snapchat reports its userbase by quarterly averaged daily active users, meaning the number of users who are active daily on average throughout the quarter. What we…

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State of Social Facebook

State of Social Q1 2017: Facebook nears 2 billion users, says video or else

The largest social network in the world – and to some people, the entire Internet – released its Q1 2017 earnings. What’s new with the 800 pound gorilla in social media? User Growth Facebook’s overall growth remained above 4% quarter-over-quarter in Q1, which it has sustained over the past 3 quarters. Facebook is just short…

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State of Social Twitter

State of Social Q1 2017: Twitter User Growth Takes Off

Twitter, the microblogging service that Wall Street loves to hate, has surprised analysts and marketers alike with its Q1 2017 results. Let’s see what took everyone by surprise. Audience Growth Twitter’s audience growth reversed course, showing almost 3% quarter-over-quarter growth. Twitter hasn’t seen this level of user growth in two years: Mobile growth remained at…

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An Exec’s Guide to LinkedIn: Quick Tips For Boosting Presence

As a redhead, I hate to use this term … but many people have come to view LinkedIn as the red-headed stepchild of the core social networks. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram dominate daily life on social media for everyday users. But when it comes to business, it’s hard to argue that LinkedIn doesn’t provide value.…

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Social Media Marketing World 2017 Recap

I had the pleasure and privilege to speak not once, but twice at Social Media Marketing World 2017 (SMMW17), a fantastic event thrown annually by Social Media Examiner. If you have the resources and time to attend, you should. Michael Stelzner and his crew do an amazing job. Let’s run through what was hot this…

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Optimize Digital Marketing Efforts

Free Tools to Help New Companies Optimize Digital Marketing Efforts

In today’s digital world, online marketing is crucial to the success of any newly established company. Oftentimes, however, young brands try to offset the steep costs of starting a business by tightening the purse strings for any “excess” activity in their first year. Unfortunately, public relations and marketing are often included on the list of…

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The Right Way to Set Up Snapchat Snapcodes with URLs

In late January, Snapchat released a new feature to help advertisers and businesses drive more impactful business results via their platform: the URL Snapcode. What is a URL Snapcode? In short, a Snapcode that opens a web page in Snapchat. Here’s an example. To use it, take a picture of it in Snapchat. To generate…

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