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Making Media Relations Connections

I made the move from Boston to SF four months ago and couldn’t be happier to be in the hub for technology and healthcare innovation. The SHIFT SF office is located right in the thick of it all in downtown SF. As such, I had the opportunity to attend a few events from last week’s…

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Bucking the Valley Startup Trend

A decade ago, if a startup company wasn’t in Silicon Valley it would struggle to secure media and investor attention. Today’s startups have an expanded, legitimate and thriving list of options on where to set their roots. A report from the Progressive Policy Institute earlier this year detailed how the startup economy has spread in…

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10 Tips for Surviving Startups

Today’s post is from guest blogger Doug Wheeler, a 25+ year veteran executive in the technology industry. Enjoy! Having spent more than 15 years in the startup school of hard knocks — including some that made a mark (or I’m hoping will soon – go DocuSign!) and others that fizzled out — I’ve learned a great many…

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A Quick Guide to Getting Comfortable at a Networking Event

Networking comes up quite a bit on this blog, because quite honestly, it’s a harrowing situation — especially if you are a junior or unseasoned PR professional. When your agency foots the bill for you to go to a professional mixer or meetup, they have an unreasonable expectation that you’ll actually talk to another human…

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Networking is Still King

We’re a pretty adaptive species. Just 32 years ago, our primary mode of communication was still the landline telephone. Now, we’re barely making phone calls. Texting during work meetings is a norm. K-12 school systems that once prohibited gum chewing now allow cell phone use among their students. With so many ways to connect with…

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Top Networking Tips From a Seasoned PR Pro

We recently sat down with Jim Joyal, Partner here at SHIFT, to talk about all things networking. He shared plenty of tips and anecdotes from his nearly 30 years in the field as well as dispelled some of the myths he’s encountered along the way. There are plenty of books out there about how to…

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Networking Doesn’t End When an Event Does

You went into a networking event and you killed it! You shook hands, had conversations with ten different people and have a handful of new business cards to show for it. But chances are all of those people you just met won’t remember your name after a day or two. They were all trying to…

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Get Creative in Building Your Connections

As with anything in PR and marketing, a big component of networking is flexing your professional muscles. In her blog post this past week, SHIFT’s Learning & Development Coordinator, Kristina Norris, likened networking to hitting the gym. She couldn’t be more right – just as there are many different ways to work out, there are…

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Strengthen Your Networking Muscles

I’ve never been a gym person and I always dread going. Something about all of the people, foreign machines and awkward eye contact just intimidates me. What’s funny is that the same daunting questions I ask myself before I go are often times similar to those I asked when I first started attending networking events:…

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Setting Yourself Up for Networking Success

Networking is an invaluable tool in the PR and marketing industries and beyond these days. Whether you’re job hunting, looking to generate new business leads or simply trying to assert yourself in your respective city or industry, networking is a key part of the process. But let’s face it, while networking is no doubt important,…

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