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Earned Media Highlights from 2016

Garnering earned media coverage that is meaningful for our clients is our number one priority as their public relations partner. Ensuring that our efforts will provide material that is helpful to our clients’ goals and bottom lines means we are constantly fine tuning and tweaking our approach to the media to keep our clients and…

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Media Tips

Three Media Tips for Your B2B PR Program

Many of our B2B PR programs focus heavily on media relations. Our clients are changing their customer’s lives, but often have a tough time translating their successes to media coverage. That’s where we come in. A well-rounded PR program will have a steady flow of coverage, even in between news cycles, across business and trade…

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Media Training

B2B Media Training: 5 Attributes that Make it Essential

Conducting media interviews remains a cornerstone activity for every enterprise communications program. While the best spokespeople make these exchanges look effortless, it takes considerable investments in strategy, messaging and – above all – preparation. Here are five reasons why media training is so important: 1. Align the Company’s Message Media training forces spokespeople to align…

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Getting Placements in a Non-Stop News Cycle

To my old school PR friends, we have been here before. Every four years the world stand stills and all eyes are on the candidates. On a given day, The New York Times published 492 articles online; of that number, 60 were dedicated to the election. Now, look at the last month alone; we were…

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Media Relations

Top Media Relations Challenges & How to Solve Them

As an account executive on the account services team at SHIFT, my role is focused primarily on media relations as it pertains to my client roster. I work closely with reporters and bloggers to get ink for my clients, which for me are B2B technology vendors. Although media relations is a blast, it has its…

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How Social Media has Changed Traditional Media

The way we absorb and communicate information and news online has changed drastically since social media was born. For one, traditional media is no longer a one-way avenue of communication: now, consumers can participate in the conversation and influence the news. Social media has also allowed news to be accessed in real time, for instance…

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The Importance of Media Training at the Olympics

We are just under 100 days away from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The games officially begin on Friday, August 5th lasting until Sunday, August 21st. Along with dazzling displays of athleticism, you’ll also get to witness another time-honored Olympic tradition – corporate branding. And while the stadiums, clothing, and merchandise will…

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The Power of Human Interaction

In a world where we communicate through text messaging, social media and emails, we often forget the benefits of face-to-face interaction. Being able to edit, alter, or filter anything we send to another person or group may seem like a blessing, but ultimately it can become a curse if you don’t pepper in human interaction.…

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What it Takes to Land a Business Feature

Companies hire PR pros to land big media wins. Most often when brands onboard a firm, they have sights set on a splashy business press story that positively touts their company’s growth, acknowledges it as a disruptor or compares it to a longstanding leader in the space. We’re with you, and we’re all about it! While this…

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Six Media Consumption Secret Weapons for PR Professionals

As PR professionals, we’re glued to the news. We’re hungry to stay updated on the latest trends and breaking stories, never knowing where that next campaign idea or pitch angle will come from. Sure, we stay in-the-know on PR, marketing and mobile/social industry news, as well as our clients’ industries, but there’s also a need…

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