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Consumer Corner: Prep for the 2017 Holiday Season Using the Kaizen Method

For most retailers, a successful holiday shopping season is critical to sustained growth and success.  Historically, we will begin working with our retail clients on the following year’s holiday traffic driver campaigns as soon as all the decorations are taken down from the previous season. The first step to planning is taking the time to…

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work perks

Taking Advantage of SHIFT’s Work Perks

As you’re reading this post, our Boston office sits empty. No, we haven’t all come down with the flu – we’re touring Boston Harbor on our annual Summer Outing, just one of the many work perks at SHIFT! There are seven core values which drive everything we do at SHIFT. These values encourage us to…

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SHIFT: Thanksgiving Edition

We have a lot to be thankful for here at SHIFT, and we’re not afraid to show it! What better way to celebrate a SHIFT Thanksgiving than to round up thoughts from SHIFTers far and wide about what they’re most thankful for? That is, after potlucks at all four offices, of course! As the tryptophan…

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Will You Be Our Valentine?

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! The holiday we all love … or love to hate. Regardless of your feelings, we put together some valentines just for our fellow PR and marketing pros with the help of someecards. (Yes, they’re so bad, they’re good.) Share with your industry sweethearts – and let us hear some of your best…

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Honoring a Dream

Take a little time on your holiday today to watch the entire speech that Martin Luther King, Jr. is so well known for. We’ve embedded the video below and you can read the entire transcript here. Chel Wolverton Account Manager, Marketing Technology

Happy President’s Day!

No matter where you put the apostrophe or how you celebrate President’s Day (shopping anyone?) the holiday is ripe for confusion since it’s celebrated differently in each state. That said, let’s just ignore the confusion and enjoy some cake. Cherry Cheesecake, that is. I wanted to use this day to share with you one of…

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When Should You Roll Out Your Holiday PR and Marketing Strategy?

Every year it seems like we start planning for an upcoming holiday earlier than the last. Walk into a grocery store today, and you’ll already see Cadbury Eggs lining the shelves despite it being mid-February. (Don’t get me wrong, I could eat Cadbury Eggs any day of the year.) As public relations and marketing professionals,…

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Happy SHIFT New Year – 2014 Playlist

Whether your celebrations went long or early last night, you’ll wake up to a bright new year out there. To celebrate, a handful of SHIFTers put together an inspiring playlist on Spotify to move you on this first day of 2014. Fair warning: Some of the songs are listed as explicit and aren’t fit for…

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Many PR Tools Are Free, But PR Talent is Not

One of the greatest misconceptions about PR and marketing in the digital age is that because many of the tools of the trade are low or no cost, from email to social media to research, that PR and marketing must therefore be equally free or low cost. Nothing could be further from the truth, but…

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Labor Day Recipes from the SHIFT Crew

Celebrate the Labor Day holiday with some recipes from the SHIFT team. See what our team might be cooking up this weekend! I’m getting hungry reading about them. Click on the links below to be taken to each specific recipe a little further down. After you have taken in all the possible yumminess, tell us…

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