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How to Tackle PR for a Digital Health Startup

Digital health continues to grow as evident from reports across the industry, including those covered by Healthcare Informatics and Healthcare Dive. Changing healthcare economies – value-based care, market consolidation, major players entering/exiting state insurance exchanges, etc. – are simultaneously transforming the industry, creating a prime market for innovation. But the health and medical app arena…

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Engaging Millennials

Data is King: Engaging Millennials in Healthcare, Part 3

In part three of our series on engaging millennials, we explore the important role that data can play for companies looking to reach this group in more effective ways. To start our series from the top, read part one on five opportunities for engaging millennials and part two on engaging millennials through tech. While many…

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National Health IT Week

National Health IT Week: A Look at Healthcare in 2030

In celebration of National Health IT Week, the SHIFT Communications Healthcare Team took to the streets (figuratively speaking) to gather insights from some of the leading minds in healthcare. We asked industry experts and veterans like Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Chief Medical Office at Dell, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist and contributor to the Huffington…

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Healthcare PR

Healthcare PR: Companies Tip their Hat to Tech to Boost Millennial Engagement

As stated in part one of our series on best practices for engaging millennials using healthcare PR strategy, we delved into the various ways companies – particularly insurers – can better engage the “always on” workforce. Clearly, millennials are a tech-savvy generation – they grew up with it! This particular generation expects a lot when…

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healthcare coverage

Healthcare Coverage Open Enrollment Season: 5 Areas of Opportunity for Engaging Millennials

With open enrollment for healthcare coverage encroaching on November 1, we’re offering a three-part series on best practices for engaging millennials – the nation’s largest living generation. Health insurers looking to reach millennials must address their privacy concerns, grant easy access to information across a variety of relevant formats, and highlight a focus on cost-effective…

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healthcare PR

A Blueprint for Building Audience and Engagement in Healthcare PR: What Pharma and Biotech can Learn from Digital Health

As the digital health sector has begun to mature, its approach to marketing and communications has evolved in unison. As part of the maturation process, leading digital health organizations have (thankfully) begun to move beyond the tried and true “one-two punch” of a press release and proactive media strategy. While it can be argued that…

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SHIFT Healthcare Q&A Part 2: Writing and Healthcare Trends

This is the second blog post in a series of two posts in the SHIFT Healthcare team’s Q&A with our friend and colleague Mike Feibus, President and Principal Analyst, FeibusTech, as well as Contributor for USA Today and Fortune. Our first installment focused on the taboos and to-dos of event outreach for PR professionals. This…

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SHIFT Healthcare Q&A Part 1: Tradeshow Outreach

Event outreach for PR professionals can be a daunting task that starts months and months before the actual event. But all of that planning is done in vain if the execution isn’t perfect in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the event. It’s these critical couple of weeks where all the planning turns into action…

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Top Takeaways from PRSA Health Academy

I jump at the chance to attend conferences, as there is always something new to absorb and apply. I believe everyone takes away different information from these events – depending on their own role and career path. Recently I had the pleasure to attend and speak at the PRSA 2016 Health Academy Conference in Washington DC.…

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Looking Back at 2015’s Top Healthcare Headlines to Help You Look Ahead

Healthcare made a lot of headlines this year. But what does that mean to the healthcare industry? A while back we explained the PEST framework for understanding competitive threats. With this in mind, let’s examine a few of 2015’s top healthcare headlines as they’ll be a contributing factor into what happens in 2016 and beyond.…

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