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10 Tips for Surviving Startups

Today’s post is from guest blogger Doug Wheeler, a 25+ year veteran executive in the technology industry. Enjoy! Having spent more than 15 years in the startup school of hard knocks — including some that made a mark (or I’m hoping will soon – go DocuSign!) and others that fizzled out — I’ve learned a great many…

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communication lessons

6 Communication Lessons From a Marathon Runner

Today’s blog is from our partner at NATIONAL, Andrea Cudmore. Enjoy! Whether it’s a colleague “making it to the finish line” on a major project, or a project manager “calling the shots” for a quick turnaround, we draw parallels between business and sport every day. Even as consultants, many of the processes we face in business…

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Social Tools

Social Tools Aren’t All There is to Marketing and PR: How They Help

Listen to any marketing meeting at pretty much any mid-sized to large corporation and you’ll hear a conversation that circles the topics of “Should we have a Snapchat? What’s our Instagram strategy?” And so on. To me, it’s a bit terrifying. But there’s something worth considering, too. What’s With all the Social Media Hype? I’ve…

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Your Biggest Problem with ABM May Be Your CRM: Here Are Six Ways to Fix It

There’s a dirty secret lurking in the average B2B database. If you’re a demand-gen marketer, you may already know what it is, even if you don’t know why. A 2012 study by market intelligence firm IDC determined more than 50 percent of leads in the average B2B contact database are obsolete. And when was the…

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Lessons From Boston TechJam: Tips for Event PR

On June 12, I had one of my best nights of sleep in a long time. We had just wrapped up year two of Boston TechJam, Boston’s tech block party and innovation festival. Thanks to a relationship with the co-founders, SHIFT is a founding collaborator and has run PR efforts for the events both years.…

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The Value of Knowing Your Audience

We’ve talked a fair amount on this blog about social tools, the role of PR and marketing in lead generation and the changing landscape of analytics. One thing that can get lost in the rush to the latest tool or trend conversation is a fundamental tenant: the value of truly knowing your audience. By that…

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Guest Post: Advanced SEO in the Era of Panda and Penguin

The following is a guest post by Erik Deckers. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have sounded many a death knell for search engine optimization professionals and companies. The ones who relied on questionable backlinks, keyword stuffing, and spinning and respinning barely-acceptable blog posts into complete garbage were drummed out of the industry. The decent SEOs…

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Guest Post: Atomize Your Useful Content to Increase Exposure

This is a guest post by Jay Baer, author of the new book Youtility. I wasn’t much of a Boy Scout. In fact, even though my Mom was the “den mother” for most of it, the entirety of my scouting career spanned about three years. I wasn’t anti-kerchief per se, but let’s just say my…

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