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Public Relations and Media Relations: What’s the difference?

If you work in public relations, you’ve definitely been asked, as have we, “What exactly is PR?” (If you still don’t have an answer, check out our take on the question here) The next question is usually, “So is it the same as media relations?” Our answer? No, and here’s why. The Public Relations Society…

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The Push/Pull of Branding vs. Lead Generation for PR Paid Strategy

The evolution of the variety of ways a client leverages a PR agency has certainly accelerated in the past few years.  The jump from pure messaging/editorial pitch centers of excellence to a combination of “hits +social” councilors has already solidified both on the B2C and B2B side.  However, as you can see in our earned…

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How much do you need to talk about yourself?

I read with interest two pieces of commentary over the weekend about friend, colleague, and friend of SHIFT Chris Brogan who wrote recently that a stunning number of people didn’t know what he did (he runs Owner Magazine). He asked quite vocally just how much he needs to talk about himself in order for people…

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The Future Collaborative PR Firm

One of the questions that many folks have about Jeremiah Owyang’s new collaborative economy framework is, where exactly do marketers, sales people, and public relations professionals have a place in this customer-driven ecosystem? After all, if customers are driving product innovation, word of mouth, customer service, and ultimately the business, where do marketing and PR…

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3 Categories of PR and Earned Media

All earned media, all public relations, are not the same. Today I want to introduce you to an idea about the different broad categories of earned media. Let’s first go back to the overall structure of how media, marketing, and sales work: Broadly, the primary purpose of media is to generate audience, to start buzz,…

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Measuring earned media impact with marketing automation

There are nearly limitless ways to measure the impact of earned media, but here’s one you probably weren’t thinking of: marketing automation. One of the tricky parts of standard web analytics is that you don’t get access to personally identifying information. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring what’s happening in aggregate with your…

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