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press coverage

Five Ways to Amplify Press Coverage

When that piece of anticipated top-tier coverage finally hits, the first response is a deep sigh of relief and pride. You did the background work, got the interview, managed all the follow-ups and boom, a few weeks (or even months) later the coverage is live. But the efforts shouldn’t stop after sending a note to…

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rapid response

Putting the “Rapid” in Rapid Response

When a big news story hits, reporters often look to executives and experts for commentary in their articles. Whether there’s a merger or acquisition in the industry, a cloud outage – such as the recent AWS conundrum – or a security hack, rapid response opportunities always pop up. While many PR professionals will agree that…

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fake news

Fake News: A Data-Driven Analysis

What’s the impact of fake news? Is it as big a problem as people make it out to be? Shortly after the 2016 US Presidential election, America’s interest in “fake news” skyrocketed; some believed that fake news sites heavily influenced the outcome of the election. How concerned were people? We saw search volumes spike during…

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Consumer Media

Start Spreading the News: SHIFT NY 2016 Consumer Media Highlights

SHIFT New York’s consumer team kept up a full court press in 2016, keeping our clients’ brands top of mind among relevant technology and lifestyle reporters and delivering relevant, timely content to their readers. Whether it was securing placements for the latest outdoor grilling innovation from Char-Broil or letting tech reporters know about a new…

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Public relations struggling with the content avalanche

Public relations as it was, as it had been prior to the past decade, is dead. The idea that we can simply pick up the phone, call a journalist, earn a placement, and see massive impact is gone. We now compete for share of voice, share of eye, and share of mind with millions of…

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Actually, There’s NOT an Email Blast for That

Recently, a friend living in Singapore shared an article with me that resonates deeply. Published by Tech in Asia and authored by Onboardly director of public relations Crystal Richard, the piece is titled “How the role of PR has gone from being a distributor to a connector.” Suffice it to say, I highly encourage you…

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Native Advertising: Should PR Shore Up the Defenses or Lead an Expeditionary Force?

With a host of media, advertising and adtech companies on the roster, many of our teams at SHIFT are grappling with stories relating to how native advertising is impacting these industries. But we have probably thought a little less about how it is affecting our own corner of marketing land. According to an Advertising Age…

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Why Your Brand Should Be on Tumblr

You’ve heard of Twitter’s little blue bird, but what about Tumblr’s little white T? Tumblr is an emerging content platform that’s a blog/social media hybrid. You can post text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos – like many other social platforms. What separates Tumblr from the rest of the pack, and why should your brand…

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Getting Customers to be Your Champion

It’s the question that all PR pros dread when pitching a reporter about a client or trend: “Sounds interesting. Do they have a customer I can talk to?” Ah, the elusive customer. This is the source that almost all reporters want for their story, especially journalists at business publications. For reporters, customers not only help…

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Stop Hoping for Overnight Success

“I need a quick hit.” Maybe you’ve got a new product release coming up that you forgot about. Maybe a competitor made a huge splash and your board of directors or CEO wants a bigger splash. The request comes from on high to churn the waters of media — fast. Here’s the problem: the quick…

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