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Data Driven Social Media

How to Build a Data-Driven Social Media Strategy

As you’ve probably read on this blog (and all over the web as of late), social media has become almost entirely pay-to-play for brands. If you want to reach even your existing fans, get out your credit card. Got it? Good. Now more than ever social media is an investment for brands. You can’t just…

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State of Social Twitter

State of Social 2Q 2016: Twitter’s Endless Plateau

The 140 character social network released its Q2 2016 earnings. How did everyone’s favorite short attention span social network fare? Let’s check the numbers. Audience Growth After relatively robust growth in Q1, Q2 returned to more modest growth, not even cracking 1% quarter-over-quarter growth. Twitter added only 3 million new users (which, in the scheme…

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How to Build a Data-Driven PR Pitch

“Data-driven” isn’t a buzz word meant to make clients Ooo and Ahhh at its sheer mention. It’s a way of PR life that should guide each decision made in the pitching journey. To be data-driven means to drive using data as our navigational aid. The deliberate choices made on the path to get there, in the best…

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Data Driven PR and the Role of Influencers

Clients of all shapes and sizes are working hard to fully grasp the concept and application of influencers. Can a traditional reporter at the Wall Street Journal be an influencer? Can a vertical industry analyst be an influencer? What about a hobbyist developer in Cleveland, a mom in Reno or a scientist at Harvard –…

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What is Marketing Technology?

Marketing technology. You’ve heard the term in presentations. You’ve seen it in industry news. It’s changing marketing forever. But you still may be left wondering, “What IS marketing technology?” In short: Marketing met IT and marketing technology is their offspring. Let’s examine the corporate strategic landscape to understand what marketing technology is. In the chart…

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Digital Advertising and Public Relations, Part 1: Introduction

See if this sounds familiar. You, the public relations professional, get a great hit, a great placement in a media outlet. You celebrate, you let your stakeholders know about the hit. Everyone is happy – today. When you come into the office tomorrow, what’s the first question your stakeholders ask of you? “What have you…

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Data Mining in Public Relations (Across All Budgets)

Data speaks. It can persuade new ideas, motivate change, disrupt innovation, elevate brands, stir controversy and expose truths. It matters to consumers, salespeople, CEOs, businesses, investors and most importantly, media. So, naturally it should matter to PR pros. While the media is constantly fighting for readership in a world of clickbait, listicles and memes, the…

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Is PR ready for Big Data?

Big Data as a topic of discussion fell off the Gartner Hype Cycle in 2015. Why? Not because it isn’t important; Big Data exited the Hype Cycle because it graduated to a core technology. It’s real, not speculative. It’s a commodity that Gartner assumes everyone has and is using. Is that true of public relations?…

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PR and the Marketing Technology Skills Gap

Keeping pace with the rate of change in marketing technology has become a full time job.  Heck, just keeping up with the news is a challenge, never mind closing the gap on technological skill sets you need to execute effectively. Consider just the last month or so: Facebook dropping a bucket of APIs on the…

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How to Find the Best Times to Post On Your Social Channels

Have you ever found yourself looking for “the one true best posting time” for your brand? As you can tell by the countless existing posts on the topic, many claim to have the answer, free for any social media professional to read. You don’t even have to read if you don’t want to, simply find…

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