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Social Media Crisis

Developing Your Social Media Crisis Radar, Part 2

Did you catch the first installment of this series? If not, start your Crisis Radar journey with Part One. Who is the average user on your brand’s social? What is their most common age? Times of peak social media use? Favorite memes? Dimple size? Chances are, you have answers to these questions. Some of them,…

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social media crisis communications

Developing your Social Media Crisis Radar, Part 1

An angry tweet directed at your brand. An unflattering photo of a broken product or promise on social media. Demanding DMs in your inbox. Ah, the dance of the angry customer. Any seasoned social media pro knows them well. They also know that with a touch of sensitivity and maybe a coupon code, they can…

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Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications: What to Expect from Your PR Team

In PR, the term “crisis” can mean many different things impacting how to mode a crisis communications plan specific to a client and situation. For some of our clients, it’s a slip in a product shipment date that has been discussed negatively on social media or in the press. For other clients, it can be a death…

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6 Guidelines for Social Media Tragedy Response

We were recently asked via Twitter: In recent months, many national tragedies have occurred. In the wake of these tragedies, what’s the appropriate social media behavior? Is it OK to tweet/post in the immediate aftermath? If so, what is appropriate? Your regularly scheduled posts? Or posts related to the tragedy? Or is it better not…

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Europe’s GDPR Regulation Could Mean a Crisis Comms Waking Nightmare

If a butterfly flaps its wings it can cause a typhoon on the other side of the globe. So says chaos theory’s famous butterfly effect concept, designed to illustrate that one small change can change everything. Thanks to ever increasing globalization, we’re susceptible here in the U.S. to the flapping wings of legislators all over…

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The 3 C’s of Crisis Communications that Every PR Professional Needs to Know

Every business needs a crisis communications plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 100-year-old consumer brand or a shiny new B2B tech company. You need a viable plan and you should be thinking about updating that plan every year. Why? Allow me to answer that question with more questions… Can your technology fail or go…

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public apologies

Effective Public Apologies

“I’m sorry.” Why are these two simple words sometimes so hard for corporations to utter when they’ve made a mistake? Often times it’s because of the illogical thinking that accompanies it: most top executives are loathe to admit they’ve made a mistake (or that their company failed its customers in some manner) because they view…

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3 Ways to Recover From Hacking

Agencies are hired to do a multitude of services for companies across the globe and sometimes that means the exchange of passwords and servicing software accounts from social networks to CRMs. We can (and will) tell you that good and strong passwords, while difficult to remember, are the key to keeping your accounts safe. Even…

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How Snowden Changed Security Communications for the C-Level

SHIFT has had the pleasure of representing a variety of security vendors (both public and startup) over the years, and we’ve noticed a significant change in the market temperature over the past 12 months. The very nature of security, its definition and importance to every enterprise and global markets, has fundamentally changed. Through concurrent trends…

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Bring Chaos Into the Workplace

‘Crisis’ can be defined as an unstable or crucial time in which a decisive change is impending, especially one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome. Crises aren’t shy, be it a personnel issue or flaw in a product or service, the unexpected happens to us all. To combat this feeling of uncertainty,…

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