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The Craftsmanship of PR: Beyond Selling

Yesterday my colleague Chris Penn took a look at the similarities between the job processes within sales and PR and made, as ever, a number of highly pertinent points. In the spirit of open dialogue at SHIFT, however, I wanted to offer a thought about the value-add of PR beyond the sales process. Certainly “selling”…

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PR Agency Life 101: Nontraditional Roles

We’ve explored the basic layout of the traditional PR team and the management of those teams in the previous two posts in this series. However, the traditional PR team is changing rapidly as PR agencies are tasked with handling more and more of clients’ audience generation responsibilities. After all, the role of a PR firm…

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New product launch PR is like your garden

Over the weekend I swung by my local home improvement store. In the garden center section, they had lots of plants for sale, everything you’d want to make for a great summer garden. Tomato plants, cucumber plants, herbs of all kinds, you name it, it was potted and ready for you to take home. Then…

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How to grow your business with the history of your people

Want a simple way to grow revenue and customer retention? Value your people for who they are. Here’s why this vacuous corporate platitude actually means something. Every person who works for your company has a background that’s more extensive than what’s in their job description. Those backgrounds can be surprisingly helpful in accomplishing your work,…

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Core Values: Creative

In this seven-part series, we’ll talk with Catherine Allen, Senior Vice President in our Boston office, and look in-depth at what each of the 7 core values means and how they affect our work, our clients, our employees, and our community. In this post, we look at what it means to be creative at SHIFT.…

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5 ways to never run out of content for blogging

One question that came up during a recent employee training here at SHIFT was whether or not you can run out of content for the company blog, especially for industries that tend to be commoditized. The short answer is no, and the long answer is no, if you have a few blog creation strategies in…

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