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New PR Professionals

4 Career Building Tips For New PR Professionals (That Can’t Be Achieved Behind a Computer)

Strong Career Moves For New PR Professionals It’s back to school time here in New England and across much of the country. Back to school season is often a time of reflection. I have most recently been thinking about what advice I’d give to an emerging generation of new PR professionals that have recently entered the…

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communication lessons

6 Communication Lessons From a Marathon Runner

Today’s blog is from our partner at NATIONAL, Andrea Cudmore. Enjoy! Whether it’s a colleague “making it to the finish line” on a major project, or a project manager “calling the shots” for a quick turnaround, we draw parallels between business and sport every day. Even as consultants, many of the processes we face in business…

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Social Media Marketing World 2017 Recap

I had the pleasure and privilege to speak not once, but twice at Social Media Marketing World 2017 (SMMW17), a fantastic event thrown annually by Social Media Examiner. If you have the resources and time to attend, you should. Michael Stelzner and his crew do an amazing job. Let’s run through what was hot this…

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Emerging Social Platforms

When a new social media platform comes out, there’s usually a mad rush to be the first on the platform. But using new social media platforms has advantages and disadvantages. Don’t rush into new platforms until you’re sure you can utilize them effectively. Wait, why shouldn’t you stampede to the hot, new social thing? Companies…

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Lessons From Boston TechJam: Tips for Event PR

On June 12, I had one of my best nights of sleep in a long time. We had just wrapped up year two of Boston TechJam, Boston’s tech block party and innovation festival. Thanks to a relationship with the co-founders, SHIFT is a founding collaborator and has run PR efforts for the events both years.…

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3 ways to measure the strength of your brand community

When dealing with crises (especially online), one of the most important things to have on your side is a strong community. A highly engaged community of fans who love you is one of the best defenses to have during a time of crisis. Highly engaged fans will leap to your defense (assuming that you are…

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Free eBook for Social Good: Tap to Market Mobile Marketing

A short time ago, SHIFT Communications was pleased to participate in the United Way’s Youth Venture Conference as part of our charitable work to stay connected to our community. One aspect of that event was for several staff members to take on the task of presenting different sessions to youth leaders in social entrepreneurship from…

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#GivingChristmas: Cradles to Crayons, kids in search of winter necessities

Yesterday, two teams of volunteers from our Boston office made their way to Cradles to Crayons, a volunteer organization that strives to help children who need the essentials fulfill those needs via a social worker or other adult representative. In short, it was heartrending to realize how many kids are waiting on a warm coat or shoes to help…

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The 5th Gear – Week of 9/30/13

One of SHIFT’s 7 core values are connected which means much more than just having a full Address Book app on your phone. Connected means knowing what’s going on, knowing what’s worth reading and sharing. Here are the top 5 most interesting reads that SHIFTers found this past week. Let us know what you think in the comments…

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Public Comments, Online Comments and Public Relations

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” – Jacqui Rivait As a company spokesperson, whether the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a clothing designer who makes outrageous remarks about tragedies to profit, or a person who says the wrong thing at the wrong time; saying things that aren’t nice…

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