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Consumer Corner: Influencer Marketing vs. Earned Media

It’s no secret the traditional media landscape is changing – and rapidly. In response, brands, journalists, marketers and communicators are constantly adjusting how they operate. As PR professionals, navigating this swift evolution of the news industry means continually evaluating where – and how – consumers are being influenced most. Due in part to a major…

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Google News Lab for PR and Marketing Professionals [video]

Google announced a new experiment to assist journalism in stepping up its game, the News Lab. News Lab bundles Google’s most popular storytelling tools together and guides journalists through a short online course to help them make the most of the Google toolkit: Unsurprisingly, Google’s News Lab is incredibly useful to anyone creating content and…

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Always Be Capturing

If you’re a PR practitioner, agency-side or brand-side, this might sound like a familiar problem to you: What if there’s no news? This is a situation that is far more common than any public relations professional likes to admit. Very often, there’s simply no news. The next product isn’t due for release until next quarter. The…

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Why PR Must Evolve to Digital-First

Being constrained by time is a problem from which a lot of businesses suffer. Not time in the sense of not enough of it, but time as in the way things have always been done. PR is an industry that has been around for a very long time — centuries, in fact! One thing that has…

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Public Relations and Media Relations: What’s the difference?

If you work in public relations, you’ve definitely been asked, as have we, “What exactly is PR?” (If you still don’t have an answer, check out our take on the question here) The next question is usually, “So is it the same as media relations?” Our answer? No, and here’s why. The Public Relations Society…

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The March Toward Brand Journalism Continues

Yesterday we shared a brilliant post written by Jay Baer about the greatest hoodwink ever, social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are primarily media companies. The social aspect? That’s everyone’s job. If you’ve shared links, discussed the news with friends, or written a lengthy post about current events on any of the social sites…

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