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Advice for Those Considering Agency PR

When it comes to a career in public relations, professionals have many options – including working in-house or at an agency like SHIFT. If you’ve ever considered doing agency PR but weren’t sure, you’re in luck. SHIFT partner and resident hot dog griller Jim Joyal has some considerations to make before shipping off your résumé.…

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SHIFT san francisco

Announcing New Leads out of SHIFT San Francisco!

Have you heard the news? Two strategic hires have joined SHIFT San Francisco: David Hargreaves will act as Managing Director and Nathan Beers as Vice President. Welcome, both! Meet David David joins us having spent two years managing a sales and marketing team for SaaS startup Snipp Interactive. Prior to that, he spent nearly 10 years at NextFifteen Group…

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staying active at work

Staying Active At Work: How To Get Your 10,000 Steps at a 9-5 Job

“The Step Diet: Count Steps, Not Calories!” “10,000 Steps a Day to Your Optimal Weight!” “10,000 Steps to a Healthier You!” “10,000 Steps and You’ll Turn into a Unicorn with the Power to See Through Time and Space!” That last one is made up, but no doubt you’ve heard about the recommended 10,000 steps an…

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The Road to Agency Life

Before I graduated from college, I sent my resume to almost every PR agency in the city of Boston and didn’t get so much as a “Thanks for applying” e-mail from those agencies. I wish that was an exaggeration. I was defeated, but knew that if a career in PR was meant to be, I…

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advice for managers

How to Ramp Up a New Account (Pt. 2)

Don’t miss the first part of this post where we offer advice for managers and team leads to follow during the first week of a new account kick off. Welcome back! You survived your first week ramping up on a new account and have a better understanding of your client’s assets and top level needs.…

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new business

How to Ramp Up a New Account (Pt. 1)

Winning a new account is exciting! Your team has worked hard to understand a new business (and, potentially, a brand new space), poured over data to make smart recommendations, and developed the winning strategy for a prospect. While this is certainly no small feat, the real work is only just beginning; the most critical days…

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Tips to Make Your Sabbatical an Unforgettable Experience

My first year in PR I remember people saying that if you can make it one year in an agency, you can make it anywhere. Those of us who chose a career in this industry know the daily pressures of client expectations, event planning, crisis communications, the media grind and long hours. While fast-paced and…

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3 Keys to SHIFTing into the Manager Role

Becoming a manager is an exciting increase in responsibility but in the PR world specifically, it can also mean a noticeable shift in your thinking and day-to-day activities. Here are three changes you can expect to see as a new manager and how to navigate them. Those Who Can Do…Now Will Teach In PR, the…

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consumer lifestyle

Q&A with SHIFT’s Latest SVP: Annie Perkins

We’re thrilled to announce Annie Perkins has been named SHIFT’s most recent Senior Vice President! Annie helped launch SHIFT’s consumer practice five years ago, and will continue to lead both the consumer lifestyle and healthcare lifestyle practices in her new role at SHIFT. As our Managing Partner, Amy Lyons, will tell you: “For anyone who…

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winter blues

Don’t let Your Client Relations Suffer the Winter Blues

There’s still one month of winter left, which means many are deep in the throes of the “winter blues.” While the days are becoming longer, months of darkness, low temperatures and awful weather can still wear you down. It’s difficult when the winter blues consume your personal life, but they can also slowly seep into…

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