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The Benefits of Social Media for Businesses

It’s hard to think of a time when social media was just for people, and not organizations. Nowadays, it’s practically unthinkable for a business not to be on social media. Organizations of all types and sizes recognize the ways in which social media can help them better understand, respond to, and attract the attention of their target…

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Sitting with Titans – Todd Defren’s Experience with Industry Leaders

Recently I was honored to sit amongst some of the titans of our industry. As a peer. It was weird. My friend Fred Cook, CEO of GOLIN, moonlights as the Director of the University of Southern California’s Center for Public Relations, within the prestigious Annenberg School of Journalism and Communication. He kindly invited me to…

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beware of shiny object syndrome in marketing

Beware of “Shiny Object Syndrome” in Marketing

While every marketer is aware of – and presumably wary of – falling prey to “Shiny Object Syndrome,” inevitably you’ll encounter a C-level executive whose teen-aged child has evangelized the next must-have campaign approach, and you’ll need a ready answer to delay any rash decisions. “Shouldn’t we be on Snapchat? My daughter and her friends…

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SHIFTing into the Future

It is with pride and excitement that we announce the acquisition of SHIFT Communications by NATIONAL Public Relations –the largest PR firm in Canada, with a storied history in the region and a reputation for good work and fair dealing. Wait?! What?! I know, it’s a little jarring at first to hear this news. SHIFT…

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Shared Media as defined by Marketing Experts

They call it PESO. Paid. Earned. Owned. Shared. Let’s briefly define what we’re talking about: PAID – advertising, native advertising, SEM, etc. You’re paying to be seen/heard. It’s interruptive but it works pretty well when done right. EARNED – when you see an article about your company in the mainstream media, a blog, or even…

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Content Marketers: Stop Doing 70% of What You’re Doing

I know, I know. Heresy. You’re all about CONTENT MARKETING, right? You’re a master at INBOUND MARKETING, eh? That’s awesome. I am a whole-hearted believer in what you’re doing. I just wish you’d do a lot less of it. The increasing Content Shock that we all felt (but didn’t have a name for, until Mark…

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Happy First Birthday, SHIFT Austin!

Over the past 5 years, I was asked on a monthly basis whether I was aware of what a great, promising market Austin, Texas would be for SHIFT. “Austin is growing like crazy!” “SXSW!” “Breakfast tacos!” “When are we gonna do this?” My reply until a year ago? “Show me a sustainable business plan and…

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Building the Plane Mid-Flight: SHIFT’s New Website

Maybe nobody cares about websites anymore. Maybe we ought to have forgone a website upgrade and instead focus exclusively on our social channels? Maybe a mobile-only site? Call me old school, but I think a cool, clean, compelling corporate website is still an important part of any company’s approach to the marketplace. It’s a brochure,…

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7 Elements of “Good” PR

In true Flashback Friday fashion, I was looking over some older blog posts I wrote back in the day. While many serve as a reminder of how fast the industry has changed (it seems like yesterday we were talking about Facebook’s IPO and Motrin Moms), there are some posts that still ring true today. This…

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Top 10 Guidelines For Social Media Participation

Below are guidelines that we drafted a while ago, refreshed for use for anyone who finds their way to them here on our blog. Feel free to repurpose and substitute your company name below and tweak as you see fit to fit your company’s guidelines. All we ask is that if you find it helpful…

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