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2018 resolutions

A Sampling of SHIFTer’s 2018 Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year and here at SHIFT, we are kicking our resolutions into high gear. To celebrate the fresh start and ring in 2018, here’s a look into what we’re resolving to do this year: “I plan to take a page out of Steve Covey’s book and put first things first.…

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find inspiration

How To Find Inspiration When You Need It Most

Find Inspiration In Simple Ways As PR professionals, and particularly in our agency roles, one of the top qualities we’re lauded for is our creativity. We’re constantly brainstorming diverse ways to launch a brand, sustain momentum, or create a memorable campaign for our clients. It follows that our ability to find inspiration should be a…

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3 Keys to SHIFTing into the Manager Role

Becoming a manager is an exciting increase in responsibility but in the PR world specifically, it can also mean a noticeable shift in your thinking and day-to-day activities. Here are three changes you can expect to see as a new manager and how to navigate them. Those Who Can Do…Now Will Teach In PR, the…

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PR Planning

What Every Company PR Plan Needs: Broad Strokes

Across all areas of business, there are a few must-haves when it comes to your company’s PR plan. You may not think your tech startup is very similar to an established consumer restaurant, for example, and looking at operational procedures, you’re probably right. However, from a PR perspective, there are several standard, no-buts-about-it things that…

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Show ‘Em Some Love: Social Media Best Practices for Consumer Brands

We’ve all heard our fair share of radio show call-in segments. You know, the ones discussing dating advice (or horrors) and roommate gripes. While driving to work this week, I listened to a segment that caught my ear; the topic was a bit different than usual. The DJs were asking listeners to call in and…

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