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What Do Voice Technologies Mean for Data and Marketing?

Voice commands, interactions and support are all part of a relatively new interface born from the connected device market. Of course, they also borrow from the big data industry, thanks to source systems or software that tap into massive troves of data. Google Home and Amazon’s Echo — Alexa — for instance, rely on contextual…

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comfort zone

4 Ways Push Your Team Out of Their Comfort Zone

With the new year brings new goals for your PR teams and their clients. The new year isn’t just for personal goals, people! Successful, growing businesses are comfortable with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goal setting when it comes to planning for growth with clients, but what about internal employee growth? The new…

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link building

5 Major Link Building Mistakes Every SEO Professional Should Avoid in 2018

Talk to any SEO consultant about promoting your website, and they will tell you about the importance of link building. It always remained as one of the most prominent strategies in terms of organic SEO. Google also confirmed that link building is one of the two top ranking factors they consider. If you are planning…

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4 Reasons Why Blogging Can Be a Tool For Making You a Better Academic Writer

All around the globe, it is not strange to find academics being advised to take to blogging more in order to more efficiently communicate the topics that they are researching. This is just one of the many outcomes that blogging can have on a writer. The main reason behind this is that blogs are platforms…

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search engine ranking

How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Digital Marketing and its association with social media go hand in hand, and they definitely shouldn’t part ways. The same holds true when it comes to organic search. Social media content and strategies can help you and your business achieve better SEO results whereby your website can get improved rankings in the SERPs (search engine…

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How to Use Instagram to Drive High Traffic to Your Fashion Website

Endorsing the right product at the right moment, in synchronization with trending fashion and demand, is a basic technique of building and promoting your fashion brand on Instagram. Nowadays the majority of consumers use their mobile phones around the clock for browsing. So with its consistent focus on mobile users, Instagram has the incredible advantage…

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digital signage

Digital Signage: the Ultimate Mode of Marketing Your Retail Business

Is your business beginning to pick up? Are you looking for ways of catching up with your competitors? Do you want to create attention grabbing digital signage in your place of business? Then this is certainly a good read for you. Small and medium retailers often struggle to compete with competitors. It is in times…

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startup marketing

10 Surprising Startup Marketing Hacks

Launching a new business is an exciting journey that can help entrepreneurs realize their dreams while improving the world. As every experienced entrepreneur knows, however, finding initial customers is the most difficult part of the startup process. The reality is that few customers want to buy from a company that has few online reviews, no…

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social media success

5 Business Promotion Best Practices for Social Media Success in 2018

Gartner researchers have shown that the social media accounts across the globe are to account for a third of the all-time online spent. You can undoubtedly believe that the new-generation social media networks have changed the entire game for the marketers, once and forever. These changes are gaining momentum day by day and not expected…

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