Social Tools

Social Tools Aren’t All There is to Marketing and PR: How They Help

Listen to any marketing meeting at pretty much any mid-sized to large corporation and you’ll hear a conversation that circles the topics of “Should we have a Snapchat? What’s our Instagram strategy?” And so on. To me, it’s a bit terrifying. But there’s something worth considering, too. What’s With all the Social Media Hype? I’ve…

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NYC PR: The Juiciest Part of the Big Apple

New York City: the city of endless opportunity, soaring sky scrapers, and of course, those pesky Times Square costumed characters. With thousands of national and local media outlets scattered across the five boroughs, it’s also the unofficial home to the field of public relations. Media epicenter status aside, what is it about PR and NYC…

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business ROI

PR and Marketing: Embrace All Data Sources to Drive Business ROI

Content shock, social avalanches, data deluge – pick your phrase du jour. However described, PR and Marketing is awash is data. It would seem logical that communicators would rush to embrace data as a strong asset in defining and refining strategy for better outcomes. And yet many prospects and clients are stating that they only…

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Company PR

5 Things Every Company PR Plan Needs: The Details

Last week we discussed the broad strokes that should be standard in every company PR plan, no matter the industry. This week we break down the more granular details. The PR landscape has certainly evolved since I broke into the business almost 20 years ago. Social media and digital communications are leveling the playing field…

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Digital Ethnography for PR, Part 1: Introduction

Digital ethnography is a relatively new field of study which promises, when done well, to deepen the relationship between communicators and their audiences by developing and understanding context. In this series, we’ll examine digital ethnography – a field of study pioneered by our colleagues at NATIONAL Public Relations. We’ll explore why it’s important, what it…

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technology PR

What Sets Technology PR Apart from Other Types of PR

Approaching my first year working in technology public relations, I’ve started to reflect on how much technology PR differs from my former life in corporate PR. In my past, I spent time working with nonprofits and now I pitch tech trade outlets (some of which I didn’t know existed). I used to put tech media…

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pr and social media

How will PR and Social Media Evolve in the Next Five Years?

Ten years ago, I was a freshman in college when a life-changing site called Facebook launched. It was a revolutionary social platform that quickly captivated lives. My daily routine soon included status updates, photo tags and friend requests. Facebook allowed every one of every age to gather the latest news, voice opinions, stay in touch…

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Big Data in PR

Why Big Data Matters in PR

Sick of hearing the term ‘Big Data?’ Good. Me too. There’s literally an article popping up every 15 minutes that addresses ‘How Big Data is Reshaping Industry X.’ Businesses using data isn’t new (in fact, it used to be called Business Intelligence). It’s just become more important because it’s the standard (and developments in technology…

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PR Planning

What Every Company PR Plan Needs: Broad Strokes

Across all areas of business, there are a few must-haves when it comes to your company’s PR plan. You may not think your tech startup is very similar to an established consumer restaurant, for example, and looking at operational procedures, you’re probably right. However, from a PR perspective, there are several standard, no-buts-about-it things that…

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qual quant

Understanding Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

In the field of public relations analytics and insights, many PR professionals badly confuse the difference between quantitative and qualitative thinking. As a result, they sometimes attempt to assign arbitrary pseudo-measures to qualitative work (a process known as “making numbers up”), or attempt to influence quantitative analysis with qualitative perspectives. Mixing up either one badly…

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