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Engaging Millennials

Data is King: Engaging Millennials in Healthcare, Part 3

In part three of our series on engaging millennials, we explore the important role that data can play for companies looking to reach this group in more effective ways. To start our series from the top, read part one on five opportunities for engaging millennials and part two on engaging millennials through tech. While many…

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post-mortem project management

The Value of a Post-Mortem in Communications

Marketers and communicators move through the workday at a mile a minute. When one project wraps up, the next one is likely already three-quarters of the way done. It’s the nature of the job – constant change, crisis management, new product launches, you name it, we’re probably doing it. This continuous workflow helps clients stay…

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marketing analytics

Fix What’s Most Broken In Your Marketing Analytics

How much data do you analyze in your marketing and communications programs? How much data do you simply let slip away, like sand through your fingers? Consider what we have at our fingertips: Social media data by channel, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more Website analytics data from Google Analytics Media data from publications…

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Transitioning into your Promotion

Balancing Act: Transitioning into Your Promotion

As a junior-level PR pro, there will be few times in your career as stressful and demanding as when you are promoted. Whether it’s a promotion from intern to account coordinator, or account coordinator to account executive, you will likely retain old tasks for a bit of time in addition to assuming the responsibilities of…

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PR Writing

4 Resources to Keep Writing Right and Tight

Writing is the cornerstone of any PR program. Whether drafting technical abstracts or colorful consumer pitches, sharp writing separates the good from the great. To polish your skills, try these four resources: Grammarly A free online tool that will scan your writing and flag any grammatical errors. Before sending anything to clients, run your writing…

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B2B Brand Engagement

Three Tips for Boosting B2B Brand Engagement on Twitter

Leveraging social media is a key component of any PR strategy and for B2B brands specifically, Twitter is one of the most commonly used channels. In fact, 87 percent of B2B marketers use Twitter to distribute content.  Twitter can help you better reach customers and prospects, engage employees, share company news, promote upcoming events and…

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The 80/20 Rule

Marketing and PR Innovation: The 80/20 Rule

Public Relations and Marketing are fast paced industries. I have days (weeks, really) where it’s non-stop from the moment I open my eyes in the morning all the way through to closing them again at night. Days fly by and I have to ask myself, “did I accomplish anything?” I’ve been asking myself that question…

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Digital Ethnography for PR, Part 5: The TEACUPS Framework

Digital ethnography is a relatively new field of study which promises, when done well, to deepen the relationship between communicators and their audiences by developing and understanding context. In this series, we’ll examine digital ethnography – a field of study pioneered by our colleagues at NATIONAL Public Relations. We’ll explore why it’s important, what it…

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Measure Your PR Success

How to Best Measure Your PR Success

The close of the year is quickly approaching. With that brings trade show season (Oracle Open World, Dreamforce and AWS re:Invent, oh my!), executive predictions on what 2017 will bring, and the often-dreaded End of Year reporting exercise. PR teams have long deplored the challenges of how to best measure your PR success and effectively report program…

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Consumer PR and B2B PR

Exploring the Differences between Consumer PR and B2B PR

If you’ve worked with or for a PR agency, chances are you understand the difference between consumer PR and B2B PR. If you haven’t had an opportunity to work on both sides, however, there’s a good chance you may consider “the other” and think “just what are they doing over there?” If this is your…

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